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TEMography Channel

JEM ToolBox

JEM ToolBox


JEM ToolBox is software controlling the electron microscope of JEOL and the attached CCD camera by using MATLAB. Since MATLAB is used a platform, the user can simply program the control of TEM using MATLAB. Images captured from the CCD camera can be processed or analyzed with MATLAB as well. Furthermore, it is possible to evolve to producction of full-scale custom functions.


  1. Command
    Commands of 100 or more (High voltage, Lens, Filer, GONIO stage, Detector, Aperture, CCD camera etc.)
  2. Functions
    By using features of MATLAB, very simple and quick processing is achieved.It is possible to create Uls.
  3. Remote control
    Remote control supporting networks are available.
  4. Operating environments
    Windows XP + MATLAB

Operation window


  1. TEM Server
    To be installed on the PC controlling TEM(*1)
  2. CCD Camera Server
    To be installed on the PC controlling CCD(*1)
  3. STEM Server
    To be installed on the PC controlling STEM(*1)
  4. JEM Toolbox Client
    No license key is required.(It is possible to install on multiple machines.)

*1 The license key is required to operate this.

How to use "JEM ToolBox"

JEM Toolbox is used by three ways.

(1) Using in command line window

Method that operates from command window. The command used by one line is executed.

(2) Using saved script file

Method of using script. The script is made, and the script is called from the command window.

(3) Using with GUI

Method using GUI. The GUI screen is made by executing "guide" from the command window, and arranging the button and the text, etc.


Controllable electron microscope JEM-1400, JEM-2100, JEM-2100F, JEM-2200FS, JEM-2500SE, JEM-3100F, JEM3200FS, JEM-ARM200F, JEM-ARM300F, JEM-F200
Controllable CCD camera Products made by JEOL Inc., GATAN Inc., TVIPS GmbH (Ones made by AMT Proc. and OLYMPUS Proc. will be supported.)
Controllable Scan Controller Products made by JEOL
Software MATLAB R2007b or more (for Windows)

*1 DM3 is the image file format of Gatan Inc.

Sample of "JEM ToolBox Scripts"

Sample of "JEM ToolBox Scripts" is here.

Brochure Download

PDF JEMToolBox.pdf

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Updates Download

Application : JEMToolbox
Application : JEMToolbox V2.X.X
Manual : JEMToolbox
Manual : JEMToolbox V2.X.X

*1 It is not possible to mix V2.X.X in an environment where JEMToolbox V1.X.X is operating. When migrating, it is necessary to replace all clients and servers of JEMToolbox from V1.X.X to V2.X.X.

*2 In V2.X.X, the script written for V1.X.X does not work perfectly because there is a destructive change in the function list. For the list of functions available in V2.X.X, refer to Manual.

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