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TEMography Channel

Shot Meister


"Everyone can take good pictures by directing a digital camera toward subjects and releasing the shutter." It is a matter of common sense now, but we could not imagine it before the popularization of digital imaging devices and computers. This application was based on the idea of making "TEM more usable by featuring computer-assisted operations because the image capture in TEM" is mainly in digitized format. We named this application Shot Meister wishing for the "Meister technique for everyone."


Anti Drift System(ADS)

Everyone may have experienced sample drift that damaged the capture of sharp images. Sample drift poses serious problems in highly magnified shots. The Shot Meister features two functions to obtain clear images by cancelling drift.

  1. Counter Shift
    The Shot Meister automatically measures the drift vectors and controls the deviation system of TEM to cancel the drift. This control holds samples perfectly still during shots. You can obtain frozen images even when long exposure times are needed.
  2. [Quantity of Drift calculation]

  3. Automatic Integration
    In the process of capturing images, Shot Meister repeatedly uses a short enough exposure time to be able to ignore the influence of drift. Although each captured image shows low contrast and appears very noisy because of the short time exposure, you can obtain a high contrast image by overlaying them. Simply overlaying the images results in a non-frozen image. The Shot Meister produces a sharp, high-contrast image by applying high precision alignment technology developed by TEMography.
  4. [The appointment of the area]

    [List of images indication]

    [It is before image multiplication]

    [Multiplication without alining it]

    [Multiplication with alining it]

Ultimate Dose Control(UDC)

The essential function for shooting beam-sensitive samples is the Minimum Dose System (MDS). The technology was first developed by JEOL about 30 years ago, at the request of users in the biological field. The Shot Meister greatly advanced traditional MDS technology. Not only the deviation system of TEM, but almost all of the functions for TEM and the camera are controllable by the program, so you can easily adjust the settings, such as "the allocation of multiple cameras for each mode", "sample relocation by moving the stage a given distance after each shot", and "automatic capture by changing the magnification ratio or the focus". You can also utilize this system beyond the intended MDS use as a programmable automatic shooting system because you can add up to 10 modes in a cycle.

[UDC Main Screen]

[A UDC screen at the time of the 10mode setting]

Limit Less Panorama(LLP)

for Digital Photography

This system also features functions specialized for digital image capture. Practical functions are provided with an intuitive and straightforward user interface: auto focus, auto contrast, an Around View Map function to cover the narrow field of vision, and a "real time filter" function that is convenient for searching the field of vision within low contrast images.


Controllable electron microscope JEM-1400, JEM-ARM200F, JEM-2100, JEM-2100F, JEM-2200FS, JEM-2500SE, JEM-3100F, JEM3200FS, JEM-ARM200F, JEM-ARM300F, JEM-F200
Controllable CCD camera Products made by JEOL Inc., GATAN Inc., TVIPS GmbH, AMT Proc., OLYMPUS Proc. will be supported)
Output format TIFF(8bit), TIFF(16bit), Bitmap, JPEG
Main function Anti Drift System(ADS), Ultimate Dose Control(UDC), Around View Map, Real-time filter, Live FFT, Length measurement function

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